Misal is a highly popular masala or spice that is made by mixing several different spices and is incorporated to make delicious Maharashtrian recipes Misal is a highly popular breakfast in Maharashtra and is commonly enjoyed with Pav. Packed with protein, this dish has an excitingly spicy taste that people prefer for breakfast or brunch. Originating from the Desh region of Maharashtra, Misal Masala has now traveled to many countries worldwide, but the best Misal Masala will always stay native to Maharashtra. 

If you, too, are interested to know about Authentic Maharashtrian Recipes made with misal masala, give this article a read. 

Authentic Maharashtrian delicacies made with Misal masala.

Misal Pav – Moth Bean Curry

Misal Pav is probably the favorite breakfast option for most Maharashtrians. The dish has two components: the spicy curry made with misal (moth beans) and the other is Pav, a popular Indian bread. Moreover, you are given onions, lemons, and cilantro as sides to the dish. The dish has a very spicy and tangy flavor.

Pav Bhaji – Vegetable Curry

One of India's most famous street foods, it is very hard to resist the appealing taste that Pav Bhaji offers. This incredible recipe combines Pav and a curry made by mashing and mixing various vegetables. 

Ragda Pattice

Ragda pattice is the most common snack that you will find in Maharashtra. People absolutely love this dish that comprises two main parts, the Ragda (curry) and the Pattice (patties). While the Ragda is made by combining white peas with various spices, the Pattice is made with mashed potatoes and is very similar to north Indian tikkis, except that the pattice is not spicy.

Vada Pav

One thing that Maharashtra is famous for is Vada Pav; it is the pride of this state. The dish is a burger that consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling in the middle of a Pav. It is commonly served with chutneys and chili pepper.


Rassa is a copper red-colored curry and is a popular authentic Maharashtrian dish. It is a very famous Maharashtrian dinner curry that is often made with mutton, fish, or chicken as preferredThe curry blends various flavors that give it a red copper color.

These were some of the most common authentic Maharashtrian dishes cooked with misal masala; we hope you liked them and are ready to try them.