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Born from personal experience, we decided to start an initiative focused on nutrition that embodies our spirit and attitude. Helping you make simple and sustainable changes to your eating habits today!

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About Spiritude Foods

Born from personal experience, Spiritude food is an initiative focused on hygienic organic, natural, and healthy products. We want you to make simple and sustainable changes to your eating habits. 

When you shop with us, you can be assured that the products are made with the best organic and clean ingredients and are hygienically packed with proper tamper-proof sealing.

While developing the recipes, we ensure that, along with health, we never compromise on the taste aspect of the products. We want everyone in the family to eat organic, clean food that is healthy and tasty. 

Our products are made using only natural ingredients in agricultural procedures. This involves avoiding any synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Our product categories include:

- Fermented products

- Fermented condiments

- Organic health essentials

- Organic kitchen essentials

- Organic masala

- Premium spreads

Why ORGANIC is the way to go:

Organic foods have been increasingly popular in recent years as they have become more widely available and provide indisputable benefits.

When compared to non-organic foods, organic foods provide higher nutrients. This is due to the fact that non-organic food loses nutrients throughout the processing stage. Organic foods are fertilized with natural fertilizers. Non-organic food, on the other hand, is fertilized with chemicals. 

Organic food does not contain any dangerous chemicals and may not harm human health in any manner because it is not processed chemically. Natural strategies for pest and disease control, such as green manure for fertilizing the ground and crop rotation for pest and disease
control, provide safer, healthier, and food items.

Because organic foods aren't manipulated in any way, the chances of your immune system deteriorating are much lower when you eat them. Furthermore, organic foods are higher in quality and include more vitamins and minerals, which aid in the strengthening of the human immune system. Using fewer artificial substances in food production is beneficial not only to us but also to the environment.

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